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BBC Radio 3

Child of Ardoyne

7 May 2011
Produced by Alan Hall

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A documentary portrait in sound of 'the Troubles' from the perspective of children who grew up in Northern Ireland and attended the Holy Cross Primary Schools for girls and boys in the Ardoyne area of north Belfast - enduring symbols of the last forty years of conflict.

Winner of the Gold in the News Feature category at the 2012 Sony Radio Academy Awards.


"People talked quietly and movingly about loss.  Adults who were mere children and grew up in the days of murder and mayhem, army jeeps on the streets and riots, looked back ... Sorrow dripped softly from the radio."
Nuala McCann, Irish News, 14 May 2011

"Perhaps it was just how deep the history ran, or the skilful layering of sound elements to give depth, but it seemed impossible [it] was only half an hour long."
Elisabeth Mahoney, The Guardian, 9 May 2011

  • 'Peace Wall' in Ardoyne