Broadcast history

BBC Radio 4

Supermarket Symphony

8 July 2011
Produced by Nina Perry

Producer Nina Perry A composed feature that explores the hidden beauty, musicality, and personal stories found in a supermarket over one day.

You can read more about the production process for Supermarket Symphony on Nina Perry's blog:


"Supermarket Symphony was one of those transfixing radio experiences [...] This original and hugely moving take on a part of modern life that's often derided as soulless was full of such moments: soaring, surprising and enriching."

Elisabeth Mahoney, 11.07.11, The Guardian

"...the best of the bunch has to be Michael, a theatrical 75-year-old who mans the cheese counter, and who compares his work to the experience of having dinner with Miss World and meeting the Queen. His tale of the young man and the dolcelatte will melt your heart."

David Crawford, Radio Times, 6.07.11

"This oddly charming programme turns the sounds of a supermarket into a work of audio art"

Susan Jeffreys, Saturday Mail, 2.07.11

Who’d have thought that supermarkets have a music all their own? Not that tinny easy listening stuff that slides into your ear as you hover your trolley but the sounds of the trolleys themselves and the voices of some of the people wheeling them, all woven into a composition by Nina Perry (for imaginative independents Falling Tree)"

Gillian Reynolds, The Daily Telegraph, 8.07.11