Broadcast history

BBC Radio 3

Use it or Lose it

3 December 2011
Presented by Peter Blegvad
Produced by Iain Chambers

Producer, Iain Chambers A radiophonic exploration of one man's failing mind by the American musician and cartoonist Peter Blegvad.

Winner of the Silver in the Drama category at the 2012 Sony Radio Academy Awards.


"The combination of radiophonics, an intricate storyline, and the quotes from the past make this a piece filled with intrigue and mystery..."

Mhairi-Clare Bradshaw, British Journal of General Practice, December 2011

"The sense of movement, of ideas racing through the mind, of getting jammed, and then unstuck, was palpable."

Kate Chisholm, The Spectator, 15th December 2011

"A really good Between the Ears (Radio 3, Saturday) makes you think and makes you listen. The weekend's edition – a "radiophonic rumination on memory failure", written by Peter Blegvad did just that [...] tautly produced by Iain Chambers to be a rich seam of sound layers that could feel roomy and beautiful, with snippets of poetry and music on the theme of memory, but also stifling and oppressive."

Elisabeth Mahoney, The Guardian, 4th December 2011

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