Curated: My Share of the Sky

Curated: My Share of the Sky

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Produced by Sheida Jahanbin and Rikke Houd
Duration: 41'20"

"I came across this NRK documentary (made by an Iranian and a Dane) in Berlin at the Prix Europa 2012 where it secured third place. The Norwegians have kindly allowed us to host it here (along with an English transcript - see below).

What struck me about this programme was the acute nature of the experiences that it shares with the listener; the delicate balance of reportage and poetry; the sensitivity of Sheida's voice, words and relationships; and the cast of additional characters present in the choice of music. 'My Share of the Sky' is both touching and consciousness-raising - poetry and politics." - Alan Hall

An NRK Production produced with the support of

IMS/International Media Support
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