Eleanor McDowall

Eleanor McDowall has been working as a radio producer since 2008 and has been a staff producer at Falling Tree Productions since 2009. Her programmes have been broadcast on BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 3, KCRW and the BBC World Service; including production credits on the strands The Reunion and Something Understood.

She has produced, amongst other things, a documentary about the influence of post-war Vienna on Graham Greene in, Vienna and the Shadow of The Third Man, a programme about how artists are re-imagining the city of Detroit in, Unbuilding Detroit, a documentary about the rise of roller derby in the UK, Roller Girls and most recently a BBC Radio 4 series showcasing short documentaries from around the world, Short Cuts.

In 2008, she received the silver award for Best Scripted Programming at the National Student Radio Awards and in 2011 she received a Silver Sony Award for Best News Special as the co-producer on The Reunion: Hurricane Katrina.

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