Sara Parker

Sara Parker is a Sony award-winning reporter and programme-maker, working mainly for BBC Radio. Her montage style gives voice to individuals and communities, often covering hard-edged social issues from prostitution and pornography to teenage violence and suicide. Daughter of pioneering producer Charles Parker, one of Sara's programmes for Falling Tree explored the making of the Radio Ballads - a series, that began in 1958 and continued into the 1960s, produced by her father with Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger, which revolutionised British radio feature-making. Amongst her other credits for Falling Tree are Internet Sleuths (R4), Mother's Mountain (R4) and Return to Mother's Mountain (R4) . Her most recent production for Falling Tree is France's Forgotten Concentration Camps (R4). Sara spoke at the Third Coast Audio Festival 2008 and is a regular lecturer on feature-making for BBC Training and other courses.

  • Sara Parker