Sarah Cuddon

Sarah Cuddon started her career in radio with Whistledown Productions in 2001 and has since produced for BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 2 and the BBC World Service. She is one of the core producers on the Sony award-winning series The Reunion with Sue MacGregor. Her other credits include Border Blaster: In Search of the Wolf, Three Chords and the Truth, The Astronauts Wives Club and The Morricone Affair, all for BBC Radio 4. BBC World Service programmes include Living with Chico Mendes and The Priest of Para, for Radio 2 she produced Salford Lad and for Radio 3, The Daffodil Maiden. She presents Something Understood for Falling Tree Productions. In addition to her radio work she also writes. Her first short play, Weightless, was produced by the High Tide festival 2007 and her second play, My Green Your Grey, was produced by Bristol Old Vic theatre in 2009. She is also a member of the live animation company The Paper Cinema.

  • Sarah Cuddon