Falling Tree



Part one of a two part sound art piece for the elevators in SFMoma.

Created By
Alan Hall
Played on


The poetry of Australian Les Murray opens up a new world for Daniel Tammet, an autistic savant for whom words are filled with colour and numbers have become friends.

Created By
Martin Johnson
Played on

BBC Radio 4

Part two of a two part sound art piece made for the elevators in SFMoma.

Created By
Eleanor McDowall
Played on




Installations, audio walks and portraits of places

Between the Ears

Documentaries from the BBC Radio 3 showcase for adventurous feature-making


A collection of Falling Tree’s music documentaries

The Design Dimension

A BBC Radio 4 show and podcast which explores the world through the lens of design

Short Cuts

Josie Long presents a sequence of delightful and adventurous mini documentaries

Reimagining the City

Writers, artists and musicians present an unconventional tour of their beloved cities.

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