Falling Tree



Wrong numbers that make the right connections and the comforting voices of strangers - Josie Long presents short documentaries and adventures in sound about phones.

Created By
Eleanor McDowall
Played on

BBC Radio 4

Zakia Sewell and her mother Amey St Cyr are working on a theatre piece together, exploring their relationship, issues of motherhood, mental health and ancestral trauma.

Created By
Alan Hall
Played on

BBC Radio 4

Bob Weighton, England's oldest man at 111, looks around him at the world he now inhabits and considers what lies ahead for himself and the rest of us.

Created By
Alia Cassam and Alan Hall
Played on

BBC Radio 4



Installations, audio walks and portraits of places

Between the Ears

Documentaries from the BBC Radio 3 showcase for adventurous feature-making


A collection of Falling Tree’s music documentaries

The Voices of…

A BBC Radio 4 series and podcast offering intimate portraits of singers.

Short Cuts

Josie Long presents a sequence of delightful and adventurous mini documentaries

Lights Out

Documentary adventures that encourage you to take a closer listen.

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