Falling Tree



Artwork for Travelling Telescope

A story of love, astronomy and the relationship between faith, spirituality and the cosmos. Show more. Most people will never look through a telescope.

Created By
Sarah Cuddon
Played on

BBC World Service

Artwork for Piers Plowright, Soundsmith

Lend your ears to work by the legendary BBC feature-maker and 'radio man', Piers Plowright, who died in July 2021.

Created By
Alan Hall
Played on

BBC Radio 4

Artwork for A Mother Tongue

Axel Kacoutié offers a vivid personal essay reflecting on language, bilingualism and the curated gaps they have to navigate in order to access their culture and sense of self.

Created By
Axel Kacoutié
Played on

BBC Radio 4



Installations, audio walks and portraits of places

Between the Ears

Documentaries from the BBC Radio 3 showcase for adventurous feature-making


A collection of Falling Tree’s music documentaries

The Voices of…

A BBC Radio 4 series and podcast offering intimate portraits of singers.

Short Cuts

Josie Long presents a sequence of delightful and adventurous mini documentaries

Lights Out

Documentary adventures that encourage you to take a closer listen.

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