If you’re just getting started in audio there’s no better resource than Talia Augustidis’ Everything List for Audio Opportunities, which includes places to pitch, places to showcase your work, awards, listening and teaching resources. Talia regularly updates this list through her Transom newsletter All Hear.

For producers in the UK, the UK Audio Network is a great space to find community, job opportunities and work focused on making this industry more equitable and transparent. Their most recent survey around pay transparency can be found here. There is also an Entry Level Audio Network where you can connect with other producers who are starting out.

POC in Audio is a directory of POC working in audio, they post job opportunities on their Twitter and have a website where you can create a profile or search for collaborators.

Sound Me Out is an informal space for producers to meet each other and share works-in-progress.

There are some great listening libraries online, including our Eleanor McDowall’s project Radio Atlas – a podcast for subtitled audio, which helps you to listen to work in languages you don’t necessarily speak. The Third Coast International Audio Festival has a vast audio library reaching back to its founding in the year 2000. Lucia Scazzocchio’s XMTR is a curated listening space to hear new independent audio works and radio from the archives. The New American Radio archive is a treasure trove for audio art from its decade-long run on the air between 1987 and 1998.

In The Dark put on regular in-person listening events in London and Bristol, as well as running an online audio school, which offers Pay What You Can Afford places.

Sarah Myles’ Rise and Shine runs free monthly events for anyone interested in making audio.

Multitrack’s fellowship offers a paid audio placement at independent audio production companies in the UK, providing training, networking and pitching opportunities.

Redzi Bernard and Phoebe McIndoe’s Telling Stories podcast is an inspiring collection of conversations with audio artists.

Transom hosts lots of technical guides to recording, a Sound School podcast as well as great longform writing about audio from makers.

Strange and Charmed is a magical audio school, which also features a series of Q&As with makers as well as hosting Jeff Emtman’s brilliant video guides to using Reaper.

If you’re interested in pitching work to the BBC, you can find their website for upcoming commissioning opportunities here.

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